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I'm Gracie. 21. Mother, wife, home maker and art history enthusiast from Christchurch, New Zealand. You can find my personal blog at ohwhimsicalmama.tumblr.com

Plot Twist


All the David’s destroy themselves in the battle to become alpha

Jacinta Ardern becomes the new leader of the Labour Party


Current Election feelings:


but have you ever actually met a national voter? have you ever honestly met a living, breathing, human being who agrees with anything national has to say?

where are all these national voters coming from? do they all live in caves in the mountains? emerging every election season by the thousands, swarming through the countryside and flocking to the cities to vote national?


Oh no.


#imnotmad #justdisappointed
#nowait #imactuallymad

(For those who aren’t in NZ, we just had our election and the results are abysmal)

Norma Jeane c. 1945

The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel, 1863 (detail)